(Up to 2 hours)
 We also offer the option to add photos with instructional references for an additional fee.  A Professional Staging Consultation involves a thorough walk-through of your home.  During the walk-through we will provide recommendations for de-cluttering, cleaning, paint, new fixtures and other affordable cosmetic improvements and/or furnishings and accessories that will result in a high ROI (Return On Investment) for your home. We often show you how to rearrange some of your furniture and decor to show your home in a way that emphasizes its space, unique features and character. For homes that are already furnished, a Professional Staging Consultation benefits home owners by allowing them time to focus on what needs immediate attention for the home to sell. A consultation consists of a thorough walk through and evaluation of each room in your home as well as the exterior. You will receive a written consultation report that targets which features of your home should be emphasized and highlighted, as well as specific areas that need enhancement, de-cluttering or repair. This is a great service for DIY home owners who have the ability and time to execute transformations that will make their home more appealing to buyers. ($150)

Upon request, a written proposal for hands-on staging services and costs, can be provided to home owners that prefer to hire Carriage House Staging & Design to prepare their home for sale with Hands-On Staging that will appeal to the majority of buyers. Carriage House Staging & Design can stage your home for you as well.


Staging is a MARKETING Tool. Your home becomes a commodity or product as soon as it is on the market to sell. For any product to sell, it has to be attractively packaged and marketed. The moment you commit to marketing your home for sale, you need to commit to transforming your home into a place that potential buyers can envision as theirs. Hands-On professional staging seeks to produce positive impressions for buyers by eliminating clutter, rearranging furniture and décor to highlight focal points and the architectural features of your home. We will refresh outdated décor, add color schemes that enhance each room, making the most of what the home owner already has. We will help you to depersonalize each space and create an updated, move in ready feel for buyers. Professional Hands-On staging will showcase each room in a way that appeals to a broad market. “After” staging photos can be emailed to homeowners and their real estate agent for their use.


Vignette Staging is most often used in vacant homes.  Vignette Staging is the careful selection of minimal furnishings and accessories that are used to suggest the function of a specific space within the home. Tasteful accessories enhance the home with color, texture, and a sense of presence. For those interested in Vignette Staging a proposal will be prepared for you that includes an estimate for the cost of rental furniture, accessories and décor, their monthly fees, as well as the cost for the hands on staging.  The addition of Vignette Staging can transform a vacant home!

We offer several Vignette Staging packages to fit EVERY kind of budget! Vignette Staging is a great option for Sellers who need to prepare their vacant property for sale but face serious budget constraints.   Ask about our Vignette Staging Packages! ($300- $750)


If you need some guidance, we can help you develop a decorating plan. While discussing your personal preferences and lifestyle, we can advise you on color schemes, furniture selection, fabrics and finishes.


An alternative to conventional Interior design. It involves the artful rearrangement of the furniture, artwork and accessories you already own and treasure in your home. We give you a whole new look for less than the cost of a new piece of furniture. Interior redesign is a practical, exhilarating approach to decorating that incorporates your own furniture, artwork, and treasured accessories without any additional purchases. We evaluate architectural features of the room, shape and uses of the room, ages and number of the people in the home, the problem with the room as you perceive it, furniture arrangement, scale, balance, texture, functional focal points. We can also transform outdated furniture to give it a new life and an updated look that is more cohesive to the interior design of your home.


Imagine being all settled into your new home in a matter of days instead of weeks or months! We can help you place the furniture and arrange artwork and accessories throughout your house, enabling you to start enjoying your new home more quickly and with much less stress.


We will research, shop and find your desired furniture, décor, window treatments, linens, etc. that compliment your home’s interior design plan.

*Clients pay for all purchases upfront.


Let us help you this holiday season! We will come to your home and decorate from top to bottom for the holidays using what you already own. We can also add to your holiday theme, establishing a budget beforehand.


*There is a $25 flat fee, per site visit, for all properties located in surrounding areas outside the Colorado Springs city limits. There is a $45 flat fee, per site visit, for areas North of Castle Rock, Colorado.

*There is a $25 flat fee for all site visits necessary to assess the staging space.

**** We offer discounts to Realtors, Military and Seniors ****