Shea Rowland-Kautz is an Artist and Designer. After years of working in the social work profession, she decided to fuse her passion for art and design into a career. Her social work experience enhances her ability to build personal relationships with clients and exceed their expectations by listening to and meeting their individual needs. Shea is also a mother of three active boys, a military wife, an avid DIY’er, an artist and an animal lover.

Shea founded Carriage House Staging and Design, LLC. with an arsenal of experience and an innate talent for understanding color, function, spacial planning, design and aesthetics that represents each individual client and homeowner. Shea has always been enamored with beautiful color, the moods different shades of color can inspire, unique and vintage finds, well designed spaces and furniture. She has a keen ability to create functional spaces while incorporating your individual style and design. Meticulous attention to detail and compelling innovation is evident in her work.